What our students and their parents have to say

“The hard work you put into the sessions and the extra tasks you set for the children to work on at home were fantastic. I am delighted she was able to sit the 11+ tests with confidence and was completely prepared with knowledge of all question types and possible scenarios.”
Ruth, mother of Amy
“A reliable and positive service provided in a relaxed manner. Morgan was cared for, encouraged and praised so he was very calm about the whole process. I would definitely recommend Kirsty for tuition.”
Kathryn, mother of Morgan
“Thank you for tutoring Ashleigh over the past year, you’ve done a fantastic job. She has really enjoyed her time with you.”
Liz, mother of Ashleigh
“You’ve been the best teacher ever. Thank you so much”
“Thank you very much for teaching me. You’ve made it really fun”
“Her tutoring with you gave her enough confidence and skills to deal with the tests, she appeared neither anxious or nervous on the actual test days so was able to give it her best. I’m sure this was down to the fun and positive way you taught her. As she said herself – ‘it’s not actually the 11+ I miss, but my lessons with Kirsty”
Julie, mother of Hope
“I sent my son to Kirsty initially for some extra literacy tuition and then for 11+ tutoring. My son absolutely loved going to Kirsty. We both felt that she understood the way he’s mind worked and was able to give him good coping strategies to enable him to improve in both his literacy and his 11+ studies. I would highly recommend Kirsty as an excellent teacher and someone who my son adored and was always keen to spend time with!”
Carolyn, mother of Zander
“Thank you very much for teaching me. I have enjoyed all of it!”
“You are an amazing 11+ tutor. No-one else in the world could have made it that fun. I really appreciate everything you’ve done”
“We have truly appreciated and valued all the time and effort you have given us”
Louise, mother of Elinore
“Thank you Kirsty for having such patience and enthusiasm with him, and making a chore seem less of one. He never complained once about coming.”
Lynne, mother of Matthew
“Thank you so much for tutoring me. I feel really confident that I will pass now!”
“Thanks for everything! You’ve been amazing”
“Thanks for all the support you gave Mark. He really enjoyed your tutoring which helped to keep him motivated, & the shortcuts you taught him will I am sure help maximize his chances.”
Bill, father of Mark
“I loved spending time with Kirtsy she really helped me to get to grips with my literacy. With the 11+ she helped me go the extra mile! Plus she served nice biscuits and hot chocolate!!! I wish that I still had an excuse to go back to learn from Kirsty!”
“Thank you so much Kirsty for all your help with Katelyn’s 11 Plus tuition. I was really impressed by how thorough the preparation was and how you built Katelyn’s confidence throughout the year using additional resources and games. You really got to know her as an individual and honed in on her strengths and weaknesses. It was pitched perfectly and also clear that the homework given was aimed at each individual child. Katelyn took the test feeling confident that she had prepared well. Most of all it was fun – your approach was motivating and Katelyn thoroughly enjoyed the lessons.”
Anne-Marie, mother of Katelyn