Mock Test Workshops

11+Wizards provides the opportunity for children to sit mock tests in preparation for taking the transfer tests (also know as the 11 plus) for entry to Grammar schools in Buckinghamshire and Slough.

The GL workshop is designed to give valuable experience of sitting the transfer test for Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools. The participants experience exam conditions, with recorded instructions as in the actual 11+ transfer test. Students are provided with written results and feedback from each test, with a breakdown of scores for each section. The question papers are designed by 11+Wizards specifically for use in these workshops. There are two types of paper: Type 1 is a Verbal Reasoning test comprising comprehension, technical English and verbal reasoning questions; Type 2 is a Non-verbal Reasoning, Spatial Reasoning and Maths test. This workshop takes place over 3 mornings.

The GL Mock Test Format

The format is as follows:

Day 1 – Preparation & Type 1 paper (2 hours)

Day 2 – Preparation & Type 2 paper (2 hours)

Day 3 – Type 1 paper followed by Type 2 paper (2.5 hours)

The workshop is structured so that your child will experience different content on a daily basis leading to continuous learning over 3 days.

The schedule for each day consists of warm up and preparation activities, a timed test in exam conditions, followed by review of methods, strategies and techniques arising from the papers. The final session of the week is longer, as participants sit two papers with a short break in between, just as in the actual 11+  transfer test.

11+ Mock test workshops

Workshops for 2023

Mock Test Workshop for the GL style test, Buckinghamshire Grammar School entry

Burnham Park Hall

21st to 23rd August

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