11+ Classes

11+Wizards provide classes for children who have just entered Year 5 to prepare them for the Grammar School tests at the beginning of Year 6. They need to pass these transfer tests in order to gain entry to Grammar Schools in Buckinghamshire and the Slough Consortium.

11 plus classes are held in Burnham, Bucks at Burnham Methodist Church Hall and Burnham Park Hall.

Our 11 plus classes are led by fully qualified primary teachers. Children receive tuition for one and a half hours weekly during term time for the whole year. There are approximately 33 classes altogether.


In September we spend the first half term getting to know your child and assessing their ability, potential and motivation. We always give parents honest feedback and if we have any concerns at the end of this period we communicate them. Formal written feedback is given at the end of the Autumn and Spring terms.


We provide homework at the end of each lesson to consolidate skills taught. It is a vital part of the learning process. We review homework progress on a weekly basis and it informs our ongoing assessment. Reading a wide range of fiction and non-fiction is essential to develop comprehension and vocabulary. As this is fundamental to success in the exam we provide a comprehensive reading list of suitable material.

Working Under Time Pressure

We urge you to encourage your child to take their time and strive for accuracy rather than speed in the first few months. We do not introduce timing until after Easter.

Test Practice

We introduce tests gradually from February half term by focusing initially on parts of tests building to sitting a test in its entirety. We find this is the best way to build confidence.

11 plus classes

Autumn 2023

Year 5 11+ Course, Tuesdays 5.00 to 6.30 pm
Burnham Methodist Church Hall, SL1 7NZ

Year 5 11+ Course, Wednesdays 5.00 to 6.30 pm
Burnham Park Hall, SL1 7HR

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Educational Psychologist Professor Brendan Bunting has shown that children who are coached for nine months or more improve their scores at 11+ by up to 40%